Carolina Sound Mixer


Experience in Feature Film, Commercials, TV, Documentary, Corporate, Live Event Multi-Tracking, and NASCAR.  Sound packages available for all types of production.  Friendly crews with 20 years work experience in more than 30 Countries. Conveniently located in Charlotte, NC near more than 30 race shops and Charlotte Motor Speedway.



        -Sound Devices


        -Schoeps, DPA & Sanken Microphones


Providing quality Location Sound services in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Southeast.


    J.R. Duncan

    Charlotte, NC

  1.   1 Hour from Columbia, SC

  2.   2 Hours from Asheville, NC

  3.   2.5 Hours from Raleigh, NC

  4. 3 Hours from Charleston, SC

  5. 3.5 Hours from Wilmington, NC

  6. 4 Hours from Knoxville, TN

  7. 4 Hours from Atlanta, GA

  8.   4 Hours from Richmond, VA

  9.   6 Hours from Washington, DC

  10.   5.5 Hours from Nashville, TN